The Journey 08/04

The Journey

I often find that I am too focused on the end that I forget about the journey itself. With the EP being released in a month I have managed to sit back these past couple of days and reflect on my journey writing and creating. I am so excited to release the EP but I am also so thankful for the journey I am on.

These past few months have been challenging. I have written in my other blogs about the difficulty in writing, the pressure of social media and being crazy busy. I have learnt so much these past few months and it has been so fun writing my own music. The challenge now is getting ready to have people listen to my music and to enjoy the time I have left and not wish it away. I was always afraid to share my songs - personal lyrics always made it hard to share. However, I have told myself that now is the time as the lyrics you write may help someonelse or someone may relate to it almost as well.

I want to encourage you today that whatever journey you are on try not to rush it. You learn the most when you are going through life, once you achieve what you wanted it is awesome but then it can feel like 'NOW WHAT?!' I am telling myself that once this EP comes out it isn't the end, I have so much more I want to do and then there will be another journey!! I want to write more songs, travel to more places to gig and most importantly I want to keep encouraging people to learn instruments and sing.

Wish me luck as I begin to start track 3 next week!! May is coming around quite quickly so be prepared to see my music all over the place and me blasting out posts on social media!! (Apologising in advance!!)

- Carley Varley

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