Fame isn't the Aim 01/07

FAME isn't the AIM



This is a common phrase I use when people ask me why I do music. I remember being thirteen and saying to my family 'I want to be famous!' I sang for hours alone and practiced so much and my main goal was to be known and to be heard. Now at the age of twenty-four this is no longer my aim and it hasn't been for a long time. Before I get into this blog post today I want to say that there isn't anything wrong with aiming high and wanting to be well known. The problem nowadays is the attitude and the selfishness that comes with this dream. I have never been one to want to be in competition with others, I have always hated this, my only desire was to have fun and sing because I loved it. Others did not see it that way and decided to be catty and in honesty quite horrible for a shot at the limelight. Over the years, entering various competitions and meeting musicians I decided that fame wasn't my aim anymore because the people around me who wanted it acted so poorly. I have met musicians who wouldn't even say hello to me because I was singing after them or before them on the same stage. It is an awful mentality and it needs to change. If you want to shoot for the stars do it but please be aware of others in the process. 


Being a full-time musician has taught me so much. I am more confident and I thrive when I am performing. It has also taught me the ins and outs of the industry and this part isn't always so good. Locally I gig everywhere and I really enjoy this, I release music online and love this too. I remember when I first released my songs I thought, maybe I'll get hundreds of thousands of listens! Maybe someone will see it and I'll get more opportunities! This is my very positive attitude but alas this did not happen and at first I remember feeling like I'd failed. I wasn't number 1 at the top of the charts and alot of my own friends wouldn't even listen to my songs. I was heartbroken and I remember feeling like I hadn't done enough and that I was aiming for something that really I didn't need to. Sure everyone wants to be known, it is in the human condition, but do we really need to achieve FAME to do what we love and enjoy it? I see so many young girls and boys desperately trying to be Billie Eilish, trying SO hard to get famous and in honesty it is heartbreaking to see. All of their worth is in impressing others and trying to get to the top. It is not healthy and I wouldn't recommend this attitude to anyone. If you enjoy what you do, you will feel content, it is okay to get down if what you released doesn't meet your goal but don't make it everything. 


I have also met people who were so lovely and then went into a music career and now they don't support other musicians, they don't speak to musicians and they also act very bitchy. This is because they have been told they shouldn't encourage others or support others in their field. This is not a good tactic as encouraging others is one of the best things you can do. When everything is all about you, trust me, you'll feel so lonely and isolated. I remember when I was sixteen and I was singing infront of people more, I had this attitude of 'I can't speak to her because she is singing against me' or 'she knows she is good so she doesn't need me to tell her or compliment her.' In reality, the people who are amazing at what they do often don't get complimented, in fact, people take this attitude of 'Well they must have been given lots of compliments.' It is a vicious cycle, I have grown to realise that people can share the same passions and talents, people can be successful without being famous and treading all over others to get where you want will not make you feel fulfilled. 


Now for those reading this thinking 'I want to be famous!' like I said this isn't the problem. I haven't got a issue with fame, it is people's attitudes towards it and towards other people surrounding it that I have an issue with. If you treat people nicely and can say that it'd be nice to be famous but it isn't everything then great! I am certainly one of these people that if anything major happened I wouldn't say no! It would be amazing but I also wouldn't hurt someone else to achieve this or make it my main ambition in life. I am very career driven! I work my butt off but I have learnt during this lockdown that a career is only so much and that other areas of life are just as important. Below is the newest addition to my family, little Chester. I'm very excited to be having a pause and looking after this little guy.



Fame isn't my aim, my aim is to make music, have fun and see where life takes me. If I can encourage people along the way even better! I had alot of people tell me that I was looking to get famous otherwise why would I post videos etc but actually... I post videos because I enjoy it and I am still running a business. People need to see my music and covers because otherwise they won't hire me. People are always going to assume what you want and why you are doing what you are doing. My advice, keep being you and do what you love. 




I hope this blog post has encouraged you today. Don't worry about results, don't get stressed about not achieving every goal, just enjoy what you are doing. I always use to stress about if my covers were perfect, if my posts were engaging and if I was writing good enough songs, in the end it got exhausting. I just wanted to make music and do it because I wanted to not for anyone else. I still find it hard sometimes, but I have also improved from where I was and so that's something. If you are an aspiring musician keep your mind fixed on your goals sure but also treat others well and don't have fame as your ultimate aim. Fame isn't an easy thing to achieve and once you are there I'm sure any person will tell you it isn't as glamorous as people make out. I remember Ed Sheeran's song 'Eraser' touched on this topic of fame and the way he describes it is very eye opening. 



I wanted to talk about these topics today after seeing so many people acting in this manner and also asking me about my views on fame. I cannot stress enough how much people need encouragement and not to be torn down. Musicians and those in creative areas need support and love when they are releasing their personal creations. I hope I have been clear that there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve success, but please remember to treat people well and that success isn't everything in life.

Thank you for reading!

- C