Practice makes Progress 01/03/21

Practice makes Progress


This month I was going to talk about the topic 'looking up' but after writing a few drafts I decided that I wanted to talk about practice making progress this month. For those of you who have just started reading my blogs, you will know I'm a musician but did you know that I'm currently trying to teach myself to produce also? During the first lockdown I decided that I had so much time and it is something that I've always wanted to do so I decided to go for it. There have been moments where I cried, didn't produce for months and I must of said 'I quit' about twenty times but for some reason I didn't and that is why I'm talking about practice making progress today.


In my early teens I had no idea that you could be a musician. It sounds so silly right? I genuinely believed that it was only famous celebrities like Ed Sheeran or Avril Lavigne that made it as musicians. I had no idea that I could ever be one and I certainly didn't believe that I was good enough to be one. To me, I was just a girl who loved playing guitar and singing, I never imagined it would end up being my career. Music comes very naturally to me and I always get people saying to me 'you were born to do this.' It is something I've always known and although there were challenges at times along the way, I generally found learning songs and writing my own songs very natural and somewhat easy. This was mainly because I enjoyed practicing and to me there was no better feeling then learning a new song and perfecting it and making it my own. I was proud of myself for these little moments, practicing in my room when no one knew that I played an instrument or sang. 


When it came to learning how to produce this year, it did not come easy to me at all. It was incredibly difficult and I constantly found myself feeling lost and like I couldn't do it. I was about to call it quits in December when I came across a Tiktok of a woman talking about producing. She said 'Practice makes Progress, so don't give up.' I completely forgot about this until a few weeks ago and I looked back over my covers these past months and they have been improving each time. I am getting there with mixing, learning how to edit my vocals to sound the best they can and adding layers to songs. All of my practice and frustration at times really did pay off and ended up being progress!! It had taken me a while to see it but I finally understood that just because something is difficult to begin with it doesn't mean you can't improve or keep trying. 


Whilst I was reflecting and of course having a cuppa tea, I laughed to myself because I also remembered when I was first learning guitar. I couldn't play a bar chords and I threw my guitar down and cried. After about an hour I was back to it again practicing, there was something in me that just couldn't give up, even when I thought I had. If you have just started something and you've felt like 'Can I really do this?' Keep going and see where you are in a few months. Practice really does make progress and if you keep trying then you will get there. I have had to tell myself this over and over again, almost trying to rid myself of negativity and focus on learning. I absolutely love learning new things and there is still so much for me to learn as a musician. So I will keep practicing until I make progress and I'll keep making progress. 


Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope this blog has made you feel encouraged and has helped you. Writing certainly helps my thoughts. Pictured above is my dog Chester, he is super chilled and has helped me a lot this past year. I thought you guys would love to see a cute picture of him attempting to lie behind me even though he's too big. He has done it since he was a puppy. I wouldn't be where I am now without encouragement, I am so grateful to my friends, family and fans who have cheered me on during such difficult times. I am also so grateful to content creators who love and encourage others, without them I wouldn't have seen "Practice Makes Progress" and I probably would have given up that day. Keep going wonderful people. I cannot wait to see you all at gigs soon!


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