Encourage, Encourage, Encourage 11/02

Encourage, Encourage, Encourage

So this week has been weirdly busy. I always tell myself that the winter seasons will be quiet but with me they tend to be the busiest times!! I have really struggled to stop and take a minute to appreciate those around me because of all the busy and crazy. Today I sat down and tried to write a song. It went well, I liked the lyrics and the tune but I found myself reflecting on when I had writers block. For about 4 years I could not write a song. Everything I wrote I hated. Every line, every verse, every note I tried to sing I thought sounded horrific. What finally got me writing again wasn't a significant moment but encouragement. I realised that I was always encouraged with the cover songs I did. People loved my versions of songs that had been written but they had never heard my songs because I was too afraid to share my own feelings. Songs are so personal and I was so worried that no one would like them. This did not help the writers block as I needed encouraging with writing songs but no one could because they did not know I even wrote songs. Finally I began to share my songs and idea with a few close friends and sure enough my spark was back. I was writing my own lyrics, singing my own melodies and being myself. 

I never fully took time to appreciate my friends and family during this time. Over the last year I have written songs and had so much fun doing it and it is because of their encouragement. Not because of my gifts in music but because of them lifting me up when I felt my gifts were not good enough. At gigs when people say to me 'You are so talented' I always point them back to the practice I had to do and the encouragement of my family and friends. Without that support it is so difficult to feel content in what you are doing. This process for me was so slow, I was learning this bit by bit and now I feel so much better for sharing my music. Fear is destroyed when faced with encouragement. Reassurance in times when you feel down is so vital and I am so grateful to those who stuck by me when I felt this way. 


After having this little realization I got in touch with my good friend Charlie and we created 'The Carley and Charlie Demo.' This demo will be Track 1 on my EP and without Charlie this song would not have been written. I felt so encouraged to have my friend helping me, encouraging me and being the practical to my creative side. Collaborations are so important and I would advice any artist to make music with friends or just jam for fun. The EP idea began from just a jam session and I am so thrilled to be going on this journey now. It has been a long time coming and often it can feel that way. I want to encourage anyone today that even when you feel like it can't happen, if you keep going it can. I never thought all of those little encouraging words could lead to be writing and being creative. I never thought unpaid gigs would lead to an award and a final of a competition. Have faith and keep going. There are people rooting for you. They want to see you succeed. Once I believed that I became more free to write and I faced my fear of people not liking my music.


So this week has been busy but I have embraced it. The first demo is done and my deadline is two weeks away now! Wish me luck as I being writing the next two songs and finalizing them! I am very excited for May and to finally share this EP with you all. I will be posting clips on myself in the studio annnnd I may even release a little clip of the song ;) I hope this blog has encouraged you to pursue your passion and also reminded you of how important support is in any goal or dream. Be someone who encourages other. Encouraging people in itself is a gift and the world needs people who raise people up not just critics who tear them down. Encourage a person this week. Be kind. Peace.

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