Patience 18/02


I have always struggled to have patience. I don't know about you but the worst times are when you are waiting for something. Often I try other ways to reach my goals but they never feel like I have truly achieved them unless I am patient. When I began my career as a musician I was so impatient... 'Why don't I have a thousand followers already?! I post a cover every week!!!' My family and friends would get so frustrated at me for measuring my success this way. I would often wonder why I didn't get lots of views on my videos, why places wouldn't book me and why things weren't happening quickly. It took me 3 years to get to a point where I felt like I was succeeding.

I am now so grateful that I had those three years of waiting because in that time my confidence grew and it made me more thankful when I did get opportunities. Have you ever met someone who is just never satisfied? They could get a gig at Buckingham Palace and they'd complain? They'd get a million views and complain that it wasn't ten million? I have met people like that and in honesty I challenged myself never to be like that. Never to be ungrateful after being ungrateful for many of my younger years. If you never stop and say thank you, you never see how much you grow or the opportunities you have received.


Patience is a tricky one. I still struggle with it despite my desire to just be in the moment and wait for opportunities. It does become frustrating when you try so hard for opportunities! Don't get me wrong that is really difficult when all you want is for your hard work to pay off. My advice in my experience is just to keep going and hard work will pay off because it always does. I worked hard on my website, I started this blog, I spent hours writing, hours gigging and finally my reputation has started to be taken seriously. This did not happen overnight though. It began with many 'No's!' many places would not hire me because they did not believe I could entertain a crowd. After doing gigs one by one and proving myself not only as an artist but a person, more and more people began to have faith in me. As a christian I believe God was truly working in those quiet times and still is in the busy times. I believe he is faithful and knows my desires and my heart behind music.

There are still many things I would like to achieve and I am still working on having patience during this time so don't worry about feeling discouraged!! Patience is certainly not easy but if you have it in the hardest times of waiting you'll feel so much better when you get the opportunity you want or if something-else comes up!

I hope this blog encourages you. Whenever I write I feel a great sense of relief because this blog is the thoughts I have daily, not just for one week. There are so many doubts, worries and fears that you can hold as a musician. That is why it is so important to encourage and support your local musicians. Music is a gift. It is an art that brings people together. So love people and bless them with music or encourage those you know who are musicians. 



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