Take a Break 18/03

It is so important to take breaks or time away.

I have been so busy with the EP, gigs and updating my website with the blog and events that it was nice to take a little break this week. I had a nice time away but now I am ready to share my experience and update you all on how the EP is going!

Those of you who follow my Instagram will know that I went to Warner Brother Studios for The Harry Potter Tour! It was amazing. The costumes, the set, the props, it was all there and was certainly an incredible experience. Whilst I was there I was in awe of the fact that everything there came from one woman's imagination. A woman who went against all odds to have her book published is now selling millions of copies of her books and even has films and sequels! It is insane. 

I always considered myself to have a huge imagination. I was always the child that could invent games, create a whole world and entertain myself for hours. I always wanted to be a superhero, to wake up one day with powers! As I got older my imagination did not change, but rather than dreaming of being a superhero, I dreamed of inspiring others to pick up and instrument and sing. I still have big dreams and ambitions. Many people tell me that the things I believe and the dreams I have are far fetched but there are those around me who want me to achieve these ambitions. I pray that no-one ever feels limited and that they get a chance to do what they love and encourage others whilst doing it. I have witnessed people from all different background comes together when there is music. The lyrics on a song mean different things to different people but they all sing together. 

^ My mum and I absolutely loving the tour! 

This was a great time away and it inspired me even more to keep doing what I am doing. Keep encouraging. Keep singing. Keep writing songs and working hard. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful network of people that want to see me succeed. This break was well needed and as you all know I often begin my posts with 'Another busy week!!' This week I was still gigging but I took a few days away from my website, social media and I felt so refreshed. Often we think of breaks as a bad thing, we think we have to keep working but actually a break/time away helps the mind and soul.

A man drew this for me at my gig on Saturday. I absolutely love art! I can't draw to save my life so I really cheer on those who can draw! This was a lovely surprise and this napkin is now sat proudly at my desk. After a break coming back and singing was even more enjoyable. The busyness took over these past few months, I have been so focused that I forgot to appreciate that I am doing what I love. I am actually living the dreams that I once had when I was younger. I always wanted to sing for a living and here I am a full-time musician. It is crazy. 

I hope this post encourages you to take a break, to relax and to keep doing what you love. We can get so bogged down with having to achieve that we forget where we began. I hope to continue to appreciate the little steps myself. The EP is going very well! I have almost completed the 2 tracks and I am now working on number 3! Stuart has been incredible and has helped me so much. I cannot wait to show you all! Only two more months!!

Thank you for reading!

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