Time Spent Wisely 25/02

Time can feel like its either slipping away or dragging on. This week I have really challenged myself to use my time more wisely. If you're a daydreamer like me or an ideas person then you will probably relate to this post today.

So this week I have been finalizing my songs for the EP and let me tell you it has been sooooo difficult to discipline myself in terms of time. I always get distracted and I always procrastinate when I am faced with a really important task. Writing the songs has been fun but making sure they are 100% finished and then working out parts has never been my strong point. 'I just want to sing!' that has always been my outlook and I am challenging myself more to get the parts I don't enjoy done before I do the parts I love. Its like anything, if you don't do the difficult part the rewarding part won't feel as good. 

Its funny because time feels like its dragging when I think about wanting to get recording but it is also the slipping away the longer I procrastinate. Songwriting is not an easy task and it is an art to perfect. I am positive that I will still be making changes and learning as I record the EP but this isn't something that I dread, its something I look forward to learning. I took a walk on the beach, cleared my head and realised time is so precious. Why spend it worrying about what needs to be done? Do what you need to do so you have more time to relax, breathe and do the things you love. Everyday life can be so set in stone and dull at times and that's why it is so important to use your time wisely when you have it. 

I often get SO excited about an idea. I have the moment of joy, the brainstorming, the excitement and then the practical part hits and I lose all motivation. My tips for handling this is to just keep going, write a little task list to keep you on track and to do a day of procrastinating and then set the tasks. I don't know about you but if I embrace the 'not wanting to do it' then the next day I weirdly have more motivation to do the task because I have allowed myself to have a break. Another good tip is setting monthly goals rather than yearly. This way you can say this month I want to 'Write a whole song' and this way it gives you the whole month to focus. I have found this so useful and because of this tip I have stayed on track.Use your time for the things you love, even if it is difficult sometimes.

Even the things we love require work, our hobbies, our relationships, so keep going and feel encouraged that your time is yours to spend. I want to encourage you that I often waste my time doing things I wish I didn't, I waste time worrying, dreading, doing tasks that are futile. It is so normal to do, especially in a world filled with distractions, but I want to challenge you today to try some of the tips and use your time this week to work on one of your dreams. It can be anything. I am certainly working towards mine and the time I have spent has been so fun even when it has been difficult. Keep going and doing what you love.

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