A lot can change in a YEAR...

A lot can change in a YEAR...

It's been almost a year since I last wrote on my blog, time has felt like its moved so quickly but it's also dragged many times throughout this year. I started this blog…

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Thoughts from a Songwriter 01/12

Thoughts from a Songwriter


This past year has been such a busy and crazy time, it's been so busy that I've barely had time to actually be creative. It sounds so silly right? I'm a full-time musician and I barelyRead more

It's about time 01/07/21

It's about time...


It can be really frustrating when you're waiting. When you finally get what you want or finally reach a day you've been counting down for you can think 'it's about time!' As a Christian I have believed…

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Seasons 01/05/21



It seemed appropriate to talk about seasons this month, not just because it is the title of my EP ;) but because as we move into summer, I have a feeling this will be a real season of healing.…

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What's the Sitch? 01/04/21

What's the Sitch? 


In my blog posts, I usually give advice whilst talking about my experiences. In this month's blog I wanted to not only quote my favourite TV show as a kid (Kim Possible) but also give you all…

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Practice makes Progress 01/03/21

Practice makes Progress


This month I was going to talk about the topic 'looking up' but after writing a few drafts I decided that I wanted to talk about practice making progress this month. For those of you…

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Steps Making the Way 01/02/2021

Steps Making the Way 


For those who don't know me very well, I am a Christian. I have been going to Church since I was six years old and over the years I faced a lot of trials and tests…

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This Year Will Bring Joy - 01/01/21

This Year Will Bring Joy


2021 is finally here! I don't know about you but I have wanted 2020 to be over since it started. It has been an incredibly challenging and difficult year for many and I know…

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Pressure Makes Diamonds (01/12)

Pressure Makes Diamonds


In 2017 when I was on an internship, one of things that was said to me was 'this year will be a lot of pressure but you will be a diamond at the end.' That was very

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Women in Music (01/11)

Women in Music


I have wanted to speak on this topic for a while now. It is going to be a very honest conversation and one that I hope inspires other women and also gives people an insight into the …Read more

Creative Minds 01/10

- Creative Minds -


This month I really struggled to write about anything. I don't know about you but in today's climate it can be very difficult to create with all of the stress and anxiety surrounding the world. If

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Have Hope (01/09)

Have Hope


I wanted to write about a topic called hope today, mainly because I feel that alot of people have given up in regards to this year. I have seen so much negativity on social media and so much…

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