Fame isn't the Aim 01/07

FAME isn't the AIM



This is a common phrase I use when people ask me why I do music. I remember being thirteen and saying to my family 'I want to be famous!' I sang for hours alone and practiced…

Staying Positive 01/06

Staying Positive


It is difficult not to feel down, angry and frustrated with everything that is going on in the world. I don't know about you but I was one of those people shouting '2020 IS GOING TO BE MY…

Well... I wasn't expecting that 02/05

Well... I wasn't expecting that!


Today's blog will focus on my experience during lockdown and advice to fellow musicians. As the title today points out I was not expecting to not be gigging this summer, not playing at weddings and

Practice Gratitude 12/02

 Practice Gratitude 

Happy New Year everyone! 
Today's blog post will focus on gratitude as it is something that I've thought alot about over the past few months. Since practicing gratitude on a daily basis I have felt so much happier…

When Life is Quiet 04/11

When Life is Quiet


Autumn is a quiet season after the rush of summer. Venues and events simmer down, it is darker outside and moods begin to drop when the realisation of summer being over hits. Although autumn is my

Leaving the Culture of Jealously and Comparison 02/10/19

Leaving the Culture of Jealously and Comparison


This month I have been thinking alot about comparison and jealously within our culture. As a musician it is very difficult not to get caught up in jealously and comparison, especially in a

Just You 31/08

- Just You -


So this month I've been thinking about what it means to just be yourself. In our culture today it is very difficult to feel settled and comfortable in your own skin with everything telling you that…

The Power of Encouraging Others 22/07

- The Power of Encouraging Others -


This week I was feeling quite under the weather - both physically and emotionally. Being a musician amazing but it is not without its challenges. There are alot of disappointments and mentally this

Being a Musician 10/06

- Being a Musician -


So today's blog post is going to be a little different. I want to chat about my experiences as a musician but I also want to give advice to other musicians who are pursuing what

Give Thanks 20/05

Give Thanks


My Nan always use to say 'there is always something to be thankful for.' Recently I have felt so much gratitude for the people around me and for the opportunities that have come my way. Hard work does

Joy 23/04

JOY 23/04/2019


Choosing to have joy in the day to day can be difficult. As a Christian I believe that joy comes from God and he has certainly given me alot of it. When people meet me they often

The Journey 08/04

The Journey

I often find that I am too focused on the end that I forget about the journey itself. With the EP being released in a month I have managed to sit back these past couple of days and…