The People Around You 25/03

"Surround yourself with people who lift you up, with people you can be yourself around."


This week I spent most days with my friends. I was reminded of how lucky I am to have friends that not only love me but really know me and support me. The people we surround ourselves with are vital. I thought of this as my group of friends are I were chatting and in the week when I meeting other friends for coffee. Without having those people in your life to support you, would you feel encouraged to chase what you love? 

My group of friends are amazing. Each of them is unique and I bond with each of them differently. We all met at school and through friends of friends and for the last 10 years they have been a family to me. They are pretty awesome and to quote one of my friends - we get pretty damn lit together ;)


As I've been writing the EP they have been encouraging me every step of the way. Asking me how it is going, asking me when its out so they can listen to it and I am so thankful to have friends like this in my life. 

I also like to do the same for my mates. I love encouraging them and asking them how things are going! I am the type of friend who loves meeting up for a hot chocolate and talking about life! If I can give advice, cheer someone up or just listen I love to be there and support my friends in whatever way I can. One of the songs on the EP is actually about friendship but it actually focuses on two friends refusing to apologise to eachother. This may sound like the opposite of friendship but the song is focused on the fight and on my next EP I hope to write a follow up song about reconciliation and the friends working through these issues. This is what friendship is. It is growing together and learning from eachother. The song isn't focused on anything in particular and when Charlie and I wrote it we didn't have people in mind, we just felt there were not enough songs about friends disagreeing. But you'll see when you guys hear the track ;) No more spoilers... yet!


With my job it is very easy to feel discouraged. The pressure to get likes, views, followers etc, sometimes I get very down especially if I don't get the gigs I want or the exposure I want from events. That it why it is so vital to surround yourself with people who say 'Keep going' and 'Don't give up!' My advice to anyone is to keep the friends close who will be there at your side. The friends who clap at your success and do not stay silent. I am very thankful this week for my friends. With my EP being 2 months away from its release I get more and more excited to share it with my friends and family. My next recording session is in a few weeks so reflecting in this time on the people around me has been an amazing experience. 


Thank you for reading. Until next week!

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