The People Around You 25/03

"Surround yourself with people who lift you up, with people you can be yourself around."


This week I spent most days with my friends. I was reminded of how lucky I am to have friends that not only love me…

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Take a Break 18/03

It is so important to take breaks or time away.

I have been so busy with the EP, gigs and updating my website with the blog and events that it was nice to take a little break this week. I…

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Getting Creative 11/03

I absolutely love getting creative. Throughout my life there have been times where I have limited my creativity due to fear of what people think or fear that I would fail. I am currently rediscovering creativity without limitations and I

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New Season 04/03

I am always so excited for a new season. I remember being at University and that season really dragging on, I couldn't wait to finish so I could start pursuing music. Annnnd now here I am in my next season,

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Time Spent Wisely 25/02

Time can feel like its either slipping away or dragging on. This week I have really challenged myself to use my time more wisely. If you're a daydreamer like me or an ideas person then you will probably relate to

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Patience 18/02


I have always struggled to have patience. I don't know about you but the worst times are when you are waiting for something. Often I try other ways to reach my goals but they never feel like I have

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Encourage, Encourage, Encourage 11/02

Encourage, Encourage, Encourage

So this week has been weirdly busy. I always tell myself that the winter seasons will be quiet but with me they tend to be the busiest times!! I have really struggled to stop and take…

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Small Beginnings 04/02

Small Beginnings 

Hello everyone and welcome to my 'Captured Memories' blog. I have created this blog to document my journey as I begin writing for my EP, which is also titled Captured Memories. I feel this title sums me…

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