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My upcoming single 'FALL' is being released on January 28th! If you want to hear my latest single as soon as it comes out, follow the link below and pre-save!




I officially have MERCH! I am so excited to be releasing my three new designs! The first is the 'Classic Carley' which is a music note, love heart, raccoon and icecream logo, the second is the 'Seasons' design, which is a sunflower, autumn leaf, snowflake and daisy and the last design is my CV logo. These T-shirts and sweatshirts are available in a variety of colours with embroidery or printed designs. Head to my store on the website and purchase the design you like, remember to check if its printed or embroidery! 


Youtube exclusives, CVTV is a monthly vlog that follows Carley's hobbies and is a way for her fans to get to know her more personally. Carley will be baking, gaming and no doubt spending time with her dogs in these videos. They are posted every second week of the month so go and check them out. CVLOG is a video blog aimed at helping musicians and other artists. Carley gives advice every month about an area in music and hopes that it encourages and helps other musicians. CVLOG is every month and covers advice for musicians and creatives.

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Going Under Lyric Video

The Going Under Lyric Video is now LIVE on Youtube! Animated and designed by the wonderful Daisy and Bethan Fairbairn, this lyric video is my first ever video linked to my music. I am so thrilled with how it has turned out so go and check it out, remember to leave a like, comment and subscribe!

Lyric Video