Carley Varley is a full-time musician based in Dorset UK. Originally living in Hampshire, Carley started out busking on the streets of Lymington until she was asked to perform inside venues after being heard singing in the street. This led to Carley being asked by more and more establishments to perform and from this she is becoming a household name in the South of England. Carley has been asked to return to over a hundred establishments in the past two years after being booked or being seen at events. Carley Varley is both a cover artist and also performs her own music during sets. As a versatile musician, she can play multiple styles of music and instruments such as piano, ukulele and guitar. Writing pop songs that will absolutely get stuck in your head, Carley likes to catch her audiences attention and write songs that everyone can relate to. 

In 2018, Carley won The Dorset Venus Award for Musical Talent and has since gone on to perform in famous venues such as The Waldorf and The Ritz in London. Carley has also reached the finals of Open Mic UK, a national singing competition and Boat's Got Talent in Portland Dorset. Carley has also performed at festivals such as Milford Music Festival, Lymington Seafood Festival, Poole Harbour Festival, Arch Revival Festival and The New Forest Show. Suited for any occasion, Carley has played at many weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties and charity events. 

Carley has also released her first EP in 2019 called 'Captured Memories' with her 3 singles, Won't Say Sorry, Honest Conflict and Found. Carley's first single 'Since You Left' has was released in February 2020 and has had over 30,000 streams on Spotify. Carley has also released her stand alone single 'Dirty Laundry' in 2021, this was her first single to be released after a year. Carley is currently writing her next EP 'Seasons' which will be released in 2021.

In her spare time, Carley enjoys spending time with family, friends and her dogs Obi and Chester. Carley also loves baking, swimming and enjoys making her blog CVLOG and Youtube series CVTV. Carley hopes to encourage other musicians to chase their dream of creating music. Carley is a huge advocate for cheering on others and hopes that her story inspires people. Starting off to shy to even sing to her family at 16 years old, Carley has come a long way, now being a full-time musician and releasing music of her own.

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Photography by Charlie Anderson