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Indie Music Centre Review

Huge thank you to IMC for reviewing and featuring Going Under!!

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Indie Dock Music Review

I am so thankful to have been reviewed by Indie Dock Music! Check out their awesome review of Dirty Laundry below!

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Broadtube Music Channel Interview

Thank you to Broadtune Music Channel for interviewing me about my latest single Dirty Laundry. It was so fun answering all of the questions and it's so great to be talking about releasing music again!

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Roadie Music Feature

Thank you Rodie Music for featuring Dirty Laundry on their Indie Pop blog!

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 Musica Hova Noje? Feature

Massive thank you to Musica Hova Noja for featuring Dirty Laundry in their new music blog!

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Rock Regeneration Review

Thank you so much David Chinners for this lovely review and for featuring my live performances! I am so happy to be releasing music again after a year and this review made my week!

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Our Sound Music Feature

I was featured on Our Sound Music this month! Thank you so much to the team for chatting to me about my new song Dirty Laundry!

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Less than 1,000 Followers Review

Thank you so much for featuring me 1,000 followers!! I am so thrilled to have been featured by this awesome blog, read the review below.

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Indie Music Centre Review

Huge thank you to IMC for their amazing review of my song Since You Left. I am so thrilled to be featured on their social media platforms and for this very flattering review!

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VisionQuest Sound - Top 5 Tips for Songwriting 

As a creative member of Visionquest sound, I am so thrilled to be featured once a month giving advice to other musicians. This months focus is songwriting, I hope these tips are helpful.

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 VisionQuest Sound - Tips to Master Motivation

With everything going in the world, I thought these tips would be really useful. I have really struggled with motivation this year and so I put steps in place to ensure I stayed on track with my goals. I hope you enjoy these tips.

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Direct Actu - December 2020 feature

Huge thank you to Direct Actu for featuring another one of my songs 'Honest Conflict.'

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BSquared Magazine - October 2020

Huge thank you to Bsquared magazine for featuring me in a little Q&A! I enjoyed answering the questions and I hope to be featured in the future again.

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Visionquest Sound - Top 5 Tips to Help Stage Fright (September 2020)

I am so honoured to have been featured again on Visionquest sound, giving advice to other musicians is one of my passions and I hope you like these tips that I've shared.

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 Visionquest Sound - Top 5 Remedies for a Sore Throat

Winter is coming.... so I hope you like these tips on how to soothe a sore throat!

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Ragged CULT Magazine - June 2020

Massive thank you to Ragged Cult Magazine for listing me in the 'Top 5 Unsigned Artists to Watch'
David C. Thomas did a fantastic job of writing this piece and I am very grateful to have been featured.

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Visionquest Sound - 5 Social Media Tips for Musicians

Thank you again to Visionquest sound for featuring me on their blog. I was so happy to be asked to be a creator and write this article to help fellow musicians with social media. You can read it by following the link below. I hope these tips are helpful and encouraging.

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Visionquest Sound - June 2020

Huge thank you to Visionquest sound for featuring 'Since You Left.' A beautifully written article praising my most recent single. Thank you so so much!

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Talk about Pop music - February 2020

Huge thank you to Talk About Pop Music for featuring me in their playlist article this week. 

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 Direct Actu - February 2020

 I am so excited to have been featured on 'Direct Actu', you can translate the article at the top of the page.

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Rock Regeneration - January 2020

Huge thank you to RR for writing an EP review of my Captured Memories EP! 

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In Tune Music - January 2020

Thank you to 'In Tune Music' for posting Found on their page. So glad people are loving this song.

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Last Deaf Day - January 2020

I am so thrilled to have been added onto Last Deaf Day's Blog! What an awesome start to the year!

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Music Talks - January 2020

Huge thank you to Tracey for adding a review of my Captured Memories EP. 4.5/5 I am absolutely chuffed with this!

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Independent music reviews - January 2020

Huge thank you to Independent Music Reviews for adding 'Won't Say Sorry' and 'Honest Conflict' to their Spotify playlists! I am so thankful that blogs are enjoying my music.

Check it out here

Check it out here

Indie Music Center  - January 2020

Huge thank you to Indie Music Center for posting 'Found' on their Instagram page, blog and on their Spotify playlists!! 

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Rock Regeneration - December 2019

I had such an incredible time performing at 60 Million Postcards in November for their Oxjam Charity Event. Huge thank you to Rock Regeneration for this amazing review!

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Reignland - November 2019

A huge thank you to Reignland for sharing 'Found' on their blog! I am thrilled to be on such an awesome page! Check it out below:

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She Makes Music - October 2019

 Thank you 'She Makes Music' for adding 'Found' to your 'Best New Discoveries: Pop' blog!!

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Thank you so much 'With Guitars' for featuring Honest Conflict and Won't Say Sorry on your page. 

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FV MUSIC REVIEW - September2019

 Absolutely thrilled to have been reviewed by FV Music this month! Read all about Honest Conflict on the link below.

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Voice Magazine interview - August 2019 

I featured in Voice Magazine this month as part of their 'Want my job?' segment! This interview was so much fun and it also gives advice to those who also want to pursue music. I hope you enjoy this interview, you can read it below. 

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Music republic review - August 2019

 Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce that Music Republic wrote a review of my first two singles 'Won't Say Sorry' and 'Honest Conflict.' Follow the link below to see the great write up they created.

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Talk about Pop music - August 2019

After releasing 'Honest Conflict' I was so thrilled when Talk About Pop Music asked to review my song. It has also been added to their weekly playlists dedicated to new and upcoming artists. Check out the link below to see what they thought.

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The Luna collective magazine - July 2019

I am so grateful to The Luna Collective Magazine for asking me to take part in a Q&A this July. It was so fun answering questions about my music career and what it was like transitioning into being a full-time musician. Luna called my music 'UNAPOLOGETICALLY UPBEAT' so check out what more they had to say below.

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Vinyl Chapters - June 2019

 I received a 4/5 score for 'Won't Say Sorry' in a review written by Vinyl Chapters!! "Carley Varley releases single Won’t Say Sorry focusing on 90s indie as a jumping-off point in an energetic and message-laden debut." Check out the review below!

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