I have seen Carley move in the right direction. Her writing is improving more and more, and her musical universe is being refined. Her voice too, more confident, but what I will remember the most is her authenticity. Pearls like Carley, are not found very much in a lifetime.” - Indie Music Centre

Indie Music Centre

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A Little Bit About Carley Varley

Introducing Carley Varley, a fresh new singer-songwriter from Bournemouth who is fast becoming one of the most exciting breakthrough artists in the South today. 

Born in Hampshire in 1995, Carley is a versatile and talented singer-songwriter and musician. Mixing Pop with edgier Indie elements, her catchy songs and lyrics speak directly to her audience, with influences from Taylor Swift to Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams. 


Carley has been songwriting and playing the guitar and piano since the age of fourteen.  In 2016 she was spotted busking in the quaint seaside town of Lymington on the south coast and was soon catapulted onto the stages at The Ritz and The Waldorf in London. Carley and her guitar have been regulars on the Dorset and Hampshire music scene ever since.   

Carley is a standout vocalist with crystal clear delivery. Her performances are joyful events where she brings her effervescent personality to the stage with songs that audiences delight in singing along to. 


Carley released her first EP in 2019 called 'Captured Memories' with the three tracks ‘Won't Say Sorry’, ‘Honest Conflict’ and ‘Found’. Carley's next single 'Since You Left' was released in February 2020 and has had over 30,000 streams on Spotify. Her most recent release was 'Shore' in 2022, which focuses on fighting through the storms in a relationship to get to shore.

Career Highlights 

Her 2020 and 2021 single releases ‘Since You Left’ and ‘Going Under’ were both featured on ‘BBC Introducing’. She was also interviewed by the BBC again this year about her forthcoming release ‘Miss Me?’ from her new ‘Seasons’ EP and her advice vlog for musicians ‘CVLOG.’ Carley’s latest BBC interview is still available on the BBC Solent Player. In 2022, Carley's track 'Fall' was also featured on BBC Introducing. 

Carley won a Venus Award for Musical Talent in 2018, she was also an ‘Open Mic' UK finalist in 2019. 

Press Buzz About Carley 

“Carley is up there with the best. She has a stunning voice and combines this beautifully with her exceptionally good guitar skills.” 

Rock Generation, Gig Review 

“A talented singer who lights up the room with her voice.” 

Tara, The Venus Awards 


Carley’s is releasing her next single 'Better Without Me' this October, this will be her first single in her Alternative genre!

Press Photos

Meadowside Music Festival 2021

Upton Food Festival 2021